What Justins been up to lateley

I know that Justin is mega busy at the moment but here is a sneek peek of what he has been upto…



Who wouldn’t like more jam in their sandwich, RAM and speed are always in short supply and the STM32F427 just looks sweet, bring it on.

And a bit more info…


That is a great looking board!

Love the eyes!

Wow Justin… A NETMF 4.3 main board with built BT 4. Sweet as mate! Chocolate fish for you!

Well done

Justin is a hardware maniac. This just posted on G+…

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hehe yes, someone mentioned about having multiple stepper modules the other day and this is the result. Top stuff.

Is that a mainboard or an extension module?

Looks more like a mainboard to me. If so, Is it STM32F405/7 based?

@ mhectorgato - you are right this doe look like a mainboard. At first glance i though it was an SPI extender hub.

Seriously Justin is a machine churning out cool modules and now awesome mainboards and all I can say is WOW!! I’ve bought a bunch of his stuff and it is as cool as it looks.

ah, now i get it… a mainboard with spots for 6 SPI modules.

I doubt it’d be the 405/407, wouldn’t he be more likely to use the same 427 he did on the Blue Genie?

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Yip, the video description on YouTube confirms it is a 427… I am definately going to have to hit Justin up for one of those bad boys. It is hard to keep track of all the modules and board I want to order from Justin!

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I sent him my wishlist last week. Now the question is should I add this bad boy to the list or not?

Here, here!

Impressive. Is the genie gadgeteer? Without sockets, I don’t see the ability to add modules. I’d love something with bluetooth 4.0 and either ethernet or wifi.

Or you could use Justin’s Bluetooth SMART module on any other Gadgeteer mainboard