What is wrong with VS integration?

Every time Visual Studio is upgraded, the MF and Gadgeteer extensions stop working. Why is this? Most extensions that I have for VS are happy to continue working, however, Gadgeteer is always a full year or more behind. Do you guys need help with this?

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hear hear to that,

You mean a major version release like 2012 -> 2013?
The 1st to work on this are the NETMF and Gadgeteer guys from MS.
I think GHI might integrate it quite quickly with the next SDK.

specially for supporting VS 2013 MS should just need to rebuild the Plugin with modified version settings. (That’s what I needed to do to upgrade a plugin for 2013)

@ digitaldias - For every new Visual Studio that is released, we must wait for Microsoft to support the new IDE. We have the ability to create templates and other files for a new Visual Studio version, but these are ‘hacks’ and are not supported by the Express line of products. The fact that these files would only work with Pro and above is why we do not already release Visual Studio support previews.

So make them available for Pro at least. I’ve been waiting over a year now to continue my project because it was rendered incompatible with VS2013.

@ digitaldias - If this is something that is critical to your project, there is a simple guide that shows you how you can add Visual Studio 2013 Support from the 4.3 QFE1 SDK.


I hope this helps :slight_smile:

you can also use multiple VS versions on a single computer, esp the Express versions.