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What is the size limitation of an app for upgrade?


I am using an EMX for developing. I write a small application for upgrade, in this application, it puts the development device to bootloader mode. After then I could not deploy my another project to the device. The size of the binaries (an exe + dependency dlls) is about 650KB. When I change the device to application mode, I could deploy my project to device.

Do you have any good idea to solve this issue?



Hi Chen

The EMX has ~3MB that you could use. Is your application trying to update the firmware or the application managed code ?

I suppose you need to provide more detail for some one to help with this.



When you use in field update, the size limited. The update application shouldn’t do much other than updating. 650KB is very big… of the 650KB do you need all of it? Try removing some unsed assemblies.

See size in docs:
192KB should be enough to do a graphical application with downloading the firmware from a network.