What is the range of the RSSI value for WiFi?

The documentation doesn’t list what the range of this number is.


Anyone know offhand what it is?

[url]Silicon Labs

page 20

Thanks Rob but that only shows the sensitivity of the modules to different rates.

Looking on the Red Pine website is appears you need to request further access to get the actual module data to get information on the register values. I’ve signed up to see if I can get the additional information I need.

@ Dave McLaughlin - In practice this number is in the range of +20 - +90 (means -20 / -90 dBm)

This week i hope to start with testing of the RS9113… it has WiFiDirect & AP instead of AdHoc. comes in 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz.
Adhoc does not work with Win10 and is a pain in the ass in Win8
They even have a combo module with WiFi + Bluetooth classic + Bluetooth low energy + Zigbee

Exciting :wink:


According to DSN Now

The voyager1 transmission being received right now is at -154 dBm but still getting 159 b/sec (0.77 light-days away)

The new horizons transmission seems to fluctuate between -142 and -157 dBm but still gets 2.00 kb/sec (4.86 light-hours away)

Just FYI


And my wife complains there is poor Wifi in the other rooms. :slight_smile:

But even if the WiFi was good … there would be something else to complain about :smiley:

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@ RobvanSchelven, what happened with the RS9113? Looks an interesting board.

@ GHI, any news on supporting this?

@ dpilcher - On supporting the RS9113?

@ John - Yes. Looks a nice unit which must have similar API to the current Wi-Fi module.

@ dpilcher - We do not have anything to announce at this time.