What is the purpose of the "GPIO!" pin?

Is someone can be kind enough to elaborate and give an example of this pin usage?
Thanks ahead?

The exclamation means that it is an interrupt capable pin. This simply means that the hardware can directly fire an event w/o the system having to poll for its value. So, if you want some code to run when a button is pushed, then this is the best pin to wire the button to.

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So what is the meaning of “the pull-up is switchable and in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 ohms” ?

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it means you can choose to enable the internal pullup resistor on the pin, and if you do it’s in the order of 10k to 100k ohms.

@ bioengproject - If asking a very basic question about pull up resistors, such as “what is a pull up resistor”, then reading the document about digital inputs might help.


Thank you all.