What is the Procedure for Returning Code to the Community

Apologies if this sounds a little naive :slight_smile: We’re just starting to dip our proverbial toes in the open source waters.

How does my company release back changes we’ve made to drivers for the community to benefit? Is it necessary to start up a CodePlex project and get it noticed? or is there a more direct way?

What do we need to do in terms of licences, etc. Particularly at the moment we have made some significant changes to the driver for the Seeed Cellular Radio module, allowing TCP data writing and reading which is not supported by the provided drivers.

Has anyone a blog post or wiki page where we can go for all the information?


For documentation you can use community Wiki. For code whatever is more convenient for you. We have code share site that can be good or bad. GHI has access to Gadgeteer codeplex where the original driver code is hosted. I am not sure about the license.

Thank you for doing this in any case!

I +1’ed your post - great to see some contributions like this.

I personally would hope we can keep the minimum number of projects related to drivers for commercial modules, since it’d be better to have the vendor take your code changes and update the source. If there’s a reason that it can’t be incorporated, then spin it off as a separate project however you like. (all this is really to keep things simple for users)

@ Brett, I totally agree, which is why we were hoping there was some easy/formal way to do it.

Will post again next week when the code is ready for public consumption. We might just fork it and let GHI or Seeed pull as required.

I think this is the best answer. Seeed seems to have dropped out of the Gadgeteer driver business. If you’re actively developing the driver, then create a place where you can continue to contribute. If & when Seeed or GHI decide to integrate then they can always pull in your changes. Just let everyone know where they are.

OK, We’ll keep it here https://tcpcellularradio.codeplex.com/ for now.
Current version only supports TCP send, as we test here we’ll push more from our repo.