What is SPI.SPI_module.SPI1?

I want to use a Cerbuino Net. It seems to have some problems with DHCP. In the forum I found an article that I have to use

EthernetENC28J60 Eth1 = new EthernetENC28J60(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, GHI.Pins.Generic.GetPin(‘A’, 13), GHI.Pins.Generic.GetPin(‘A’, 14), GHI.Pins.Generic.GetPin(‘B’, 10));

But what is the referece for SPI.SPI_module.SPI1? I work with .NET 4.3

@ User_8034 - It just means the first SPI channel on the device. NETMF uses the SPI channel to figure out which SPI pins to use since a device can have multiple sets of SPI pins.

Thanks, and in which namespace do I find this?

@ User_8034 - Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware

Are you shure? In .Net 4.3 I only find Systeminfo and Utility.

@ User_8034 - You need to add a reference to Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll

Oh sorry, thank you!