What is ALCAM?

ALCAM is a single chipset that makes using CMOS image sensors very easy. It allows for reading images over UART/SPI/I2C and this same interface can be easily used to command ALCAM to store images and videos to the SD card or USB memory. ALCAM also includes commands for reading and writing files, it especially shines with its stop-motion and time-lapse videos.

ALCAM is still brand new, having recently been funded on Kickstarter. We welcome all feedback. Please let us know how you like ALCAM and share your videos with us, from melting snow and growing flowers to cloud movement and construction work. We would love to see it all.

The user manual: https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/ALCAM/ALCAM_SoC_User_Manual.pdf
Kickstarter: ALCAM-OEM by GHI Electronics, LLC » ALCAM Shield, Anyone? — Kickstarter


@ Gus - Just got my KS email to update my address. Looking forward to receiving mine real soon.

Are you / have you providing examples of using the module with Gadgeteer boards over UART/SPI/I2C?

@ Jason - ALCAM-OEM by GHI Electronics, LLC » Boards and Manual — Kickstarter

You will see a link to download some sample code for the different platforms.

@ Gary, the link at KS seems to be wrong.


should be


as shown in the file listing from your downloads page, which seems a little more [em]open[/em] than I was expecting…

@ Gary - The manual link doesn’t point to the correct location either I’m afraid.


Looks like they should be _ (under scores) not %20 (spaces)

@ Jason - that’s because we updated content today and I still need to post the update to KS. Sorry about the confusion but in my defense it’s my first day back from vacation. :slight_smile:

@ Gary, @ Gus - You all use the forums for communication so much. Do you all even talk to each other in the office? :whistle:

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@ Mr. John Smith - no, we hate each other :wink:

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I +1 what Gus said! :smiley:

Will this module be available in your Catalog?