What I learned with Gadgeteer

Maybe not just with Gadgeteer as I’m a old Bluetooth hacker, but certainly I did try building a device with Gadgeteer for awarding door prizes etc at my presentations where it allowed attendees to use their phone to connect to the device via its built in wifi access point and it would randomly choose winners, but I found for larger presentations the access point was quickly overwhelmed so I needed something else, so may I present Winner Winner for your Windows 10 devices Microsoft Apps


Very cool. How do you verify 5tr66b device is the guy who just came up to claim the prize?

@ Terrence - Under the name of the winner is their device Bluetooth MAC Address which [em]should[/em] be unique to the device so in case of dispute we refer to the MAC Address.

@ Duke - very slick! I have the same concern as Terrence. I can envision a clumsy several minutes during the drawing where everyone tries to figure out what their MAC address is and if they’ve won. Also, is there any way to manually add names if someone happens to not have a BT device or objects to turning it on?

When will the Android version be available? :wink:

I’ve used it at a couple of presentations and have yet to run into a problem. The first time I used it at one of my presentations most people had the default Bluetooth name on their phones which is usually what kind of phone it is and so that was pretty funny as I was surprised most people had a different model phones. After that presentation pretty much everyone renamed their Bluetooth so the presentations since have been even easier, which in itself indicated to me that the app was working great as people now wanted in on the draws as it was fast and easy for them as well. Toss in that I run the app on my phone with Continuum (I usually run my slide decks off my Windows Phone) on the projection system so everyone can see what is happening, makes giving away swag easy and fun.

When hell freezes over, thaws and then freezes over again and then only after I do an iPhone version which would clearly indicate that I’ve lost my marbles. You know I’m an old school softie and taught Ballmer how to toss a chair.

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But, as a softie I would expect you to be all over Xamarin by now :wink:

I do love this idea and it solves a very real problem that I have when running my user group. At least its UWP so I can run it on my laptop or Surface tablet. I do think it needs an option to manually add names, though. I don’t want to have to exclude attendees just because they don’t have or forgot their phone. Also, it would be cool if it were possible to associate names with MAC addresses. So, over time you might could generate a database and have the app better identify folks w/o them having to change their device name.

This just gave me an even better use for this app… It would be awesome if it not only could save the list of winners but also save the full attendance list as a way of automatically recording how many (and who) attended each meeting. I’m starting to think this might make a great stand-alone kiosk type device where people can sign-in when they arrive and put their info into the database then in future meetings they are automatically signed in when their device appears.

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Ultimately the problem for me with Android and Apple is support. I know Windows and have lots of Windows devices to test on, but when someone asks an iPhone or Android based question, I don’t know and that isn’t what I think support should answer. I’m not going to go and buy iPhones or Android devices (I already have some but much prefer Windows), and I’m not going to learn them, as any spare time I have I’d much rather code or learn about code, then learn about Android or Apple devices and OS (plus I don’t own any Apple or Google stocks, just Microsoft). The other item is I think Microsoft is on to a good thing with the One OS idea and UWP so I’m betting my ponies on it (but I also loved Gadgeteer, but I don’t regret a moment or anything I spent on Gadgeteer as it got me building stuff again).

There is an email results command in Winner Winner and it sends you a list of contestants and winners with device names and MAC Addresses.

You can run it on your HoloLens as well…

Duke, convert it over to Xamarin for your UWP side of things and Ian can work the IOS and Android departments.

I wish… :frowning: Unfortunately, my only mobile development has also been on the Windows Phone side of things. However, I’ve no regrets about moving my personal phone to Android. But, I agree with you that the way to solve this problem is by having a partner (or two) you can call on for those platforms.

I just like creating stuff and coding, having a partner sounds too much like a business to me. I’m happily onto my next UWP project so I can try out another area of UWP (Background tasks).

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