What does "LB" on silkscreen stand for?

Hi, some components of my graphics card just blew and turns out they were all labeled “LBXYZ” on the board’s silkscreen…

I did some testing and figured they were in parallel and separating copper pours.

Does anyone know what specific kind of component they could be? I’m almost sure they are some kind of inductor, but just wanted a second, third or fourth opinion before attempting to fix it lol.

An Inductor? What does it look like?

Like a pile of dust after blowing up? :slight_smile:

That bad, huh? :wink:

Can you take a picture of it?

I’m quite sure by now they are inductors in PI config used for decoupling. The copper pour to the south is the +12V volts that powers the gpu’s fan and probably delivers power to a part of the circuit, since the gpu isn’t recognized by the mobo(assuming the inductors were the only damage haha…).

Right now I have an open support ticket with EVGA but I’m afraid my warrantry is void D:

If you did something that caused those components to blow up, you might give it a chance replacing them. (If you ever get to know the inductance value).

If this happened all of the sudden, there sure is something else broken and I would not even try to fix it.

I do know what probably caused it:

When I opened my case after the card stopped working, I realized one of the 2 pci-e power cables were disconnected from the psu. It probably was loose or really unconnected for like 2 weeks before the actual problem happened.

Yes, big time fail :slight_smile:

Sadly it seems unlikely that EVGA will disclose what were the specifications of those parts. So, if I were to replace them I’d have to make an educated guess, measure the real values from a working card or ask another manufacturer and hope they take pity on me lol.

As Wouter said, I would not even try to fix it. Just get a new one.

what physical size was it? It was probably an inductive bead, used to filter out noise. It probably acted as a fuse when something else blew though, like one of the fets in the card’s onboard switching power supply.

If it was a bead then you can try to replace it with a wire link, but if it blew because of other issues then a link might damage something else like your psu or motherboard…

I once repaired a bead in a PSU that way and it resulted in a really nice explosion which forced me to open some windows to create fresh air flow.

But hey, my eyebrows did grow back :slight_smile:

Power supplies have overcurrent protection, so there’s nothing to worry about regarding causing damage to the power supply.

You can try replacing with a ferrite bead or a wire – but keep in mind that when an inductor like that fails, it’s usually a sign of something else on the board that’s failed.

(“I’ve replaced the fuse 10 times and it still keeps blowing every time I plug it in!”)

I do agree something else must have gone bad. I’ll just to stick with my faithful old geforce 6800 xt for a few weeks until I’m done with my college thesis.