What does "FEZ" stand for?

I have to ask…can’t find it anywhere but used everywhere!

Ok I found it - Fast and Easy…a GHI’ism apparently…

I know two definitions:

[ulist]Freaking Easy

Freaking Easy, It is also a play on the Usbzi chip that runs the fez devices. EDIT: Yes as well as the hat. That was a question for points that came up on the forum some time ago, I believe.

As far as I remember “Fast and Eazy” is the official.

Yes, Fast and Easy is the current incarnation. As GHI’s user base has grown, Freakin’ Easy was deemed a little too colorful for a wider (and increasingly younger) audience.

FEZ, as it relates to GHI products has had three meanings.

The first public definition was “Freaking Easy”. As the FEZ product line became more popular, the meaning was changed to “Fast and Easy”, to be a bit more polite.

The seminal definition was “F*****g Easy”, but this one never made it out of GHI.

Lets keep it this way, “Freakin’ Easy!” for me and you and “Fast & Easy” when FEZ boards are used in schools :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bit of color and history folks :wink:

I have a similar question that I’ve never seen the answer to… What is “GHI” an abbreviation for? I believe I know what the “G” is… :wink:


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Gus H… Issa

Maybe his middle name starts with a H? (Or it stand for Holy :slight_smile: )

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Gus Hydra Issa


Second page.

Thanks, Architect.

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