What...did everyone take the day off?

I am not getting my usual fix from reading forum posts because there aren’t any!. Slowest day I have every seen. :frowning:

It is sunny and beautiful outside… Programming comes later :slight_smile:

Not here. Gray and rainy. Boo! :frowning:

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I have been murmuring and cursing under my breath all day…people with advanced degrees should not be allowed to use tools or electrical tape! I built a small test bed last year and a handful of smart people managed to destroy it :frowning:

@ Jeff_Birt - [quote]electrical tape[/quote]

Keep that stuff locked up in a safe place, preferably where you keep your electricity. That way you can find them both when you need them.


Taught the last session of my ‘Robotics and Motors Series Part 2 - PID Controllers’ class tonight and it was another full class except I have a feeling we forgot to take photos. The next class is Servos and Stepper Motors and I think it starts May 9th.

What was different tonight was I ran my powerpoint using my 950XL Windows Phone, worked pretty good in the theater.

@ Duke - You didn’t record the session(s), class(es) and added them to GVA (Gadgeteer Virtual Academy) or do you intend to start some channel with the well known yellow mascotte ?

@ .Peter. - 2 1/2 hours of me on video would almost be considered a weapon of mass destruction plus I’d get into trouble as I’ve been known to tell Apple jokes and taunt other technologies as I’m not a very good Switzerland and I’ve been known to do the developers, developers, developers dance and even a makers, makers, makers dance but I don’t think we need any more of those videos.