What can I do with Cerberus these days?

Hi all,

I have a Fez Cerberus with many modules that I bought very long time ago. I played with it a little but never used it. I’d like to re-purpose it now and use it. However, it’s not supported now, and I don’t want install old tools like old Visual Studio to use it.

So what are my best options here? Is there a way to install newer OS? a friend of mine tells me that I totally wipe it and re-purpose since it’s just a standard STM32F405 (not sure what that means since I am novice).

I appreciate your help.

You can run NETMF 4.4 on it and use VS2019


Or you could jump over to nanoframework and see if that is an alternative for programming c# on MCUs, like the STM32F405.


I can’t see STM32F405 in nanoframeworks list https://github.com/nanoframework/nf-interpreter

Try the community boards here you will see a GHI FEZ CERB40-I that has the same MCU STM32F405. Or if further questions arise you can use the nanoframework community to ask.

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Thank you all, you are awesome!

I can organise a Cerberus netmf 4.4 firmware if you want it.

I’d love to know more Justin, thanks a lot. I am curious, though, netmf 4.4 was last updated 2015, shouldn’t this be an issue?

Nope, all the source files are available hence there are ports for 4.4 and VS2019 :slightly_smiling_face:

I will upload a Cerb 4.4 firmware later today.

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awesome, thanks a lot mate!