What Board to choose

Im really new to anything related to hardware but i have identified that i need the following for my project:
3 Motor Driver L298 Module p
1 USB Client DP Module D
1 Gyro Module I
2 Pulse Count Y
1 SD Card Module F
1 Display TE35 Module B R G T
1 (USB Host Module) H
1 WiFi RS21 Module S

What board (prefer Gadgeteer)should i choose for my project…?

WiFi means you should aim at Spider2 or Raptor

I can see that they come with very difference price tags. What is the big gain i get from buying the more expensive one?

Raptor has more memory and more power (it is based on G400)
Spider2 is only based on G120.

If you have a very intensive graphics display in mind, people suggest the G400. If you have a medium intensity app and graphics requirements then G120 is very capable.

Concur with Brett. Having used both the G120 and the G400 with LCD displays I would say use the G120 if your display consists of a few buttons and text for updating values etc. If you want lots of graphics and text and loads of buttons etc, choose the G400 for a smoother experience. The difference is very noticeable.

Thanks alot for the replies. They have helped alot.
Short info regarding display i need some buttons an tekst, but I do not need the display to update while the mekanics is running.

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Now my spider II arrived but oh behold the spider II only have 2 P ports and i have 3 L298 modules…

Anything i can do?

@ janfl - [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/471[/url] could be an option.

Thx better than buying a new Board i guess… :wall:

L298 uses 2x PWM pins and 2x direction pins. So if you have 3x modules, you need 6x PWM pins and 6x direction pins. You can do that with 2x P sockets and a few pins, so you need a breadboard and some Extender /Breakout Modules and some jumper wires… and some driver changes.

But can it be done using a Hub AP5 Module instead of all what you have written?

Problem is that im pretty new and i don’t understand all you suggest :slight_smile: (Guess i need to read up on it) :slight_smile:


Hub AP5 is probably fine, yes (I don’t own one so can’t say I’ve done it - but it’s perfect on paper)

but if you buy anything else, add some extender or breakout modules (and gadgeteer cables) and get a breadboard ($3 on ebay). You’ve started down the rabbit hole, you need atleast* this much. Oh and some jumper wires. Oh and some… :wink: But no, really, you want jumper wires