What are you doing with your ALCAM?

The ALCAM has been out a while now and I don’t recall seeing any projects posted. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to have time to do anything useful with mine. So, inspire me. What have you made with ALCAM?

It would be a bit irritating to see a great project posted and not be able to purchase the ALCAM

There have been several posts in this forum by someone asking about buying one.

“bit irritating” is not stopping anyone from posting a project.

@ ianlee74 -

I had some code I was working on for ALCAM. They are no longer on my PC.

Windows 10 upgrade wiped out some of my folders.

Like Atmel sam-ba (And that was in Program Files (x86) ) and several folders I had on the Desktop.

Not sure what else is missing…

My missing files are not found in the Windows.old made during the upgrade.

@ willgeorge - you might want to open a Github account :wink:

I have my ALCAM (OK, one of my ALCAMs) sitting on a Panda2 waiting for a project idea.

@ Willgeorge, what is your project (not so much the code) ?