What are the forum posts sorted by?

It just occurred to me that there is no last post date on threads. However, if I post something to and old thread on the last page of the results, that thread shows up on the first page of the results again. This implies that the forums are sorted by the date of the last post.

Can we get the date as a hidden value on the forum posts please? I have systems in place to show me all posts for a particular time period, but I need the last post date and time to avoid scraping the entire forum every five hours.

@ Mr. John Smith - They are sorted chronologically by last post. GHI aren’t likely to add a field for your system but I believe somewhere on the forum there exists details on how to grab an XML of the forum posts for you to use.

Yea there is a RSS , but it’s only for the News.

No, they at one point had another feed. Or at least I think so, its been a long time since I saw anything about it. Back when I had a NETMF mini browser that could post to the forum.

@ Mr. John Smith - Not sure how up to date this is, but here it is: