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What a way to start a good morning


I was checking the company email and I saw this :slight_smile:

This really makes us want to work even harder.


I must only approve - congrats again, you are really performing an amazing work ! :stuck_out_tongue:




[ulist]15:29 : Your GHI Electronics, LLC. order received.
21:17 : GHI Electronics LLC has sent you a package[/ulist]

Less than 6 hours :o



And I get super fast response + handling too!
GHI was already fast, but seems they improved their staff with jetpacks! :smiley: :dance:


@ Bec a Fuel:
My order has been shipped faster :slight_smile:
27.10.2011 20:18 GHI Electronics, LLC. order received.
27.10.2011 21:54 GHI Electronics LLC has sent you a package

This is my local time GMT+2 :slight_smile:


And you will probably get it before me, too :frowning:

I’m in France and it takes about 3 weeks to travel… You’re lucky :wink:


I don’t think that I will get it before you I also live in EU(Slovenia) :slight_smile: I don’t need thing which Im order but If I have it is nothing wrong :slight_smile:


Bec a Fuel, welcome back to the forum! We haven’t seen you around here for a very long time :slight_smile:


Thank you, Gus !

In fact, I was still coming from time to time, but the project I was working on (for astronomical cameras) as grown (very) fast and big and has needed far more time than expected ??? Hence my relative silence here…

But I didn’t forget you nor did I forget about FEZ :hand:
For a more personnal project, I’ve recently used parts of the Internet FEZ of things kit to build a remote controler for the program that drives the cameras. It’s quite simple as it’s mainly a TCP client that communicates with the TCP server built in my program, but still, I’ve put my hands in TCP and I2C on the PandaII for some time :slight_smile:
It can drive nearly all the program features.

Also, like Robert, I didn’t need any “new” Panda or display, but I do like clean shelves too :whistle:


Up !

Simply to say that it was the fastest delivery i’ve ever seen from USA :o

The order has been in my mailbox on Friday, November 4 although it’s been sent on Thursday, October 27 !!! :clap:

Gus, as I’m a little far away to do it by myself, could you please kiss Christine for me ? :-[ (in my location, that’s 4 kisses… :whistle: )


Hahaha mine was lightning fast too!
I thanked Christine, but never got anything back.

Maybe she did not like my kisses? :-[


That’s why I ask Gus to do it : a slap which starts faster than its shadow, one never knows :hand:



Smart guy!
But what if Gus decides to get us back by posting more teasing new product posts without showing us any info ? :smiley:


Doing this only because of a (very) small slap ?

No, he wouldn’t do this ??? That wouldn’t be fair :snooty:
He only has to be clean shaved and not drool all over, of course :hand:

I can’t imagine a guy who is that smart doing such cruel thing. No, I can’t :think:



I can’t image either :think:

Hahahaha :whistle: