Well well well

3 holes in the ground…

Seems shonky old Christopher Walker is using his scam money from his Agent Chronograph smoke and mirrors KS to rebrand :smiley:

Seems the bailiffs must be knocking on his and his cough teams doors at Secret Labs in New York as all the Netduino trademarks etc have been signed over to Winderness Labs LLC which is his new entity over the other side of the country in CA.

I wonder if all the Agent backers are share holders in the new Area 51 of microcontollers since he must have used all your hard earned moola to set it up… :whistle:

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Wilderness Labs is an anagram of

Brainless Welds
Blase Swindlers
Swell Rabidness
Idleness Brawls
Lawless Binders
Drabness Is Well
Bald Lesser Wins
Weirdness Balls

Is there a link?

This has zero, zip, nada to do with GHI.

My take is…leave things well enough alone. Speculating and/or gossiping about others’ potential legal entanglements serves no real purpose.