Welcome to the new www.GHIElectronics.com!

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to show you the new website. We have optimized www.GHIElectronics.com to be responsive to the environment of the most important people in the world and that is our community and customers! It doesn’t matter if you are viewing the website sitting at your desk at work or on the couch at home using your phone or tablet, the experience will be same! We also improved security by switching our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to SHA-2 and moved from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2. However, we do recommend changing your avatar from 64 x 64 pixels to 134 x 134 pixels. If you currently do not have an avatar uploaded we will use your email address to search for your Gravatar. If you do not have a Gravatar then the mystery man is shown until you upload your avatar.

Please click away and enjoy the new and improved www.GHIElectronics.com! ;D


Looks great in Microsoft Edge.
Looks great in Chrome.
Doesn’t seem to work very well in IE 11. Top level menus are unresponsive.
Good work on upgrading the SSL and TLS.

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Oh boy, it sure looks nice :slight_smile:

I was hopping to get more text formatting options, bold and italic is a bit limited set. It looks like time is off - it shows that this reply was made 3 hours ago. I cannot see who has liked my or any other post - it does not show it as it did before. Also, when I edit my post I don’t see the last replies.

I was expecting a new smiley in the list as well.

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How to get to unread only content?

Same as always:


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@ Architect - https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/unread ;D

@ iamin - What other text features do you need? Color, maybe?

I mean don’t see how to get to it on the phone (other than typing the link directly)

The site looks great and works for me in Chrome, IE11. Even on my Lumia phone. You can test the site on different devices here:

There’s an icon in the upper-left part of the screen that will display the sidebar links, including Unread.

The side menu. The top left button. I am sure we will need to tweak few things.

Did you guys try to change the window size on your pc? Or even change to landscape view on your phone. The website is very dynamic now.

Stay tuned for the other announcements :slight_smile:

@ terrence - I am replying to you in IE11 and the top level menus are working.
@ Architect - The top bar should be blue, you should see an button on the left side of it to slide out a menu.

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A nice clean look. :clap:

Seeing two bugs so far.

[ol]The forum no longer takes me to the most recent post in a given thread, but to the top of the thread.
Getting some overlap with the content on longer usernames (see picture).[/ol]

On the plus side, I LOVE that the button now says “Add an Image”. :smiley:

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@ Gary - Underline, strike through, subscript, superscript, text colors (at least a few major), text size (small, medium, large), ability to insert image not as an attachment but in the text. Btw, I have updated my first port with some observations.

Something is awry with the posting clock. I just submitted the above message and it says posted 4 hours ago.

Seeing that, too, only it’s 3hrs in my case.

Yes I just noticed that lol

Two more issues - text overlap, missing image.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t 3 hours ago.