Weird Display on CP7 LCD

I have this board and LCD display bought recently. This is the first time I connect the LCD to the FEZ cobra 2 board. The display shows up to be the image I attached. Does anyone know what happen? I have all connected in correct position. In need hurry reply. thanks!!

Create a Gadgeteer project with the CP7 display via the designer. Deploy the project.

The proper configuration values for the display will then be initialized in Cobra.

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any reference that I could refer to? thanks!

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I have seen that before, its when there isnt enough power to the board and screen. You will need a powersupply of 1 amp or more to make it work correctly. Unfortunately USB cant provide enough juice to get it going. Unfortunately CP7 screens suck alot of juice but they do look very very nice :o)

You could try using a powered USB hub but I dont know how much extra juice it will add. You could also try plugging in a small DC adapter of 500ma or more into the barrel connector along with the USB debug cable, this is how I got mine working until I bought my 1.5 amp plug that I have now.

For referance I think USB can only provide around 500ma without a powered hub :wink:

I hope that helps


Thanks for all the suggestions.
I bought a 2.5A with variable DC voltage which consists of 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V.
I tried with all the voltage values, I found out the on-board(Cobra II) voltage regulator starts to feel hot and comes to the point where I think might burn the chip, so I turn it off. I wonder if anyone has this issue. Mine is FEZ Cobra II + CP7.
I did as well try 1.3A and 9V to power it up. The screen still shows what same as like the photo I attached. It doesn’t solve the problem.
Will it be a defective on LCD? I haven’t try out any codes yet.

Thats the problem.
You must set the LCD-Registers to the settings for the CP7.
Take a look my links, there are the correct settings.
Just try the poker game, after the first start the settings should be correct (up to the next firmware update :frowning: )

as the very first reply said, create a Gadgeteer project, add the CP7 to the designer, and deploy the project and it creates the correct initialisations and this should disappear

Yes. It works fine now. @ Brett, Thank you.