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Weird Cobra LCD issue ("Burned out" pixels)


Anybody ever seen this? I have had my cobra running perfectly for a several hundred hours now, and in my application, there is a line of green text that sometimes appears near the bottom of the screen. Last week, I noticed that the text looked funny. As I looked closer, I saw it was actually several pixels inside the green text that were simply black or flickering green/black.

It doesn’t seem to occur in the same area with different colors, and what’s really weird is if those pixels did burn out, that color only appears every once in a while.

I first saw this last week, and it was while I had the debugger connected, so I just figured I might have jostled one of the display ribbons out, so I reseated all of them. This “fix” “worked” for about a week then the display is back to the way it was.

Any ideas? That LCD does have a lot of time logged on it (Maybe 2,000 hours?), but I doubt that it should fail this soon.


Curious, is it the 3.5" or 4.7"?


This is the 3.5", I only have a 4.3" on the CWX.


I have never seen such an issue.


I’ll see if I can get a picture later. It only seems to occur with that green color.

I don’t think I could have burned out pixels though…


This is apparently “lazy pixels” if you gently press on that area then crystal’s should displace and then should move quicker. The other way to fix them is by heating the screen up (just leaving it on doesn’t do it).

Cheers Ian


Shouldn’t a lazy pixel appear early in the LCD’s usage cycle though? I’m in the middle of the hardware failure bathtub curve. If it was gonna go, it would have gone a while ago.

Nonetheless, I’ll try gently massaging the pixels tonight.