Website Problems

Something’s going on with the website tonight. Earlier I was having problems getting the search to ever return anything. Now, I can’t get “Unread Messages” to return anything.

Same here! This was fine few hours ago!

I have the same issue, and some of the normal forums don’t even want to open. Odd. Maybe the website is taking the night off to get the turkey ready?

Same here…

I know what the problem is! There is some bad post here that is causing all the troubles including unread messages.

From my prior IT experiences, unscheduled outages always occur on Holidays.

Assumed also that it is on forum/2 as I can see all other forums but the most interesting for me with a Panda :frowning:

Any idea of the time for the outage?

The USBizi section is still screwed up. I can get into every other other section except that one.

I have problems opening only one thread - the bike RPM one. The web page opens and the “loading” prompt comes up, but the content never loads. I can open the forum itself, just not that post.

Fortunately it is now only this one thread. It seems to be the last post of the thread author. I could post in the thread before - after the forum/2 problem was solved