Website maintinance tonight and in the early mnorning!

We apologize for any interrupts or slow down as we are moving to the new server. We should be done before 10AM Eastern time zone, but we all know how it goes!

While interrupts may be annoying, something amazing is coming your way so stay tuned!

I have been telling you guys, May 1st is just awesome! So grab a beer, or grab a coffee, and tune to your favorite website … and we all know what your favorite website is :whistle:


So now you are tormenting Mormons…

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Glad I stuck to coffee otherwise I would be under the desk by now.

Sorry this took a lot longer but we are finally up

The way I used to look at it was, “If we’re done on time we probably skipped some steps.”


Is there a “compact” view option ? I think there is too much white space and I have to scroll through everything, would prefer a tighter layout for the forum pages at least.

@ Rajesh - what resolution?

1440x900 IE11 / Win 10

I will try on higher resolution once I get back to my desk.

Now that you mention it, it is a huge amount of white space (screen shot attached)

Im at 1920x1080, using Chrome on windows 10

This is how the old website was. Also, stretching the forum any wider will make reading lines very hard. It looks fine to me how it is now. I am assuming we are taking about the white on the sides.

I think it is resizing quite well. The only place I notice a lot of white space is desktop windows 8.1 full screen and I wouldn’t want the text box any wider.