Website changes

i know no one likes my suggestions, but ive got one for the site that i think would really help.

products should be on their own pages, instead of on a list of products. this would mean that you could easily link directly to a product (say i want to suggest a product to a friend), as well as group articles, drivers, details, comments, etc. about a single product. that way if there were forum posts about the Bluetooth Interface you could just add links to the bottom of that individual product page.

it seems messy to say go to this link:
and scroll to the middle of the page

instead of go here:
(fyi, that link wont work)

this way you would be centralizing all of your info, and will make havin

also, its silly (circa 1995) to have all those smiley faces but not have the youtube portion working, the youtube thing should take priority

I think you are right, for all the reasons you point out.
The product pages could be filled from a template, etc.
Still want to see a contextful list of products relative to the board in question as today.

+1, I think this could be great improvements to the site’s user experience

I agree with this. It would be better (also for search engines) to have their own pages.

Done! Actually been done for a while…but new changes are not public yet so stay tuned.

Thanks for the suggestion