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A lot of back-end changes were made. If you notice anything let me know in this thread.


IE9 on Win7

when in the unread page, i read an item and then go back into the unread page, and the item i just read is still there. The experience previously was that this did not occur, the item disappeared immediately.


Unread Does not work for me.


Same here; it’s busted.


So if and when it set to work for me can you set me back 1 day from now so i can read the ones i am missing. :wink:


Also I didn’t get “Your Reply Has Been Posted” big box until I navigated away from forum and to your main page. Kinda odd.


I’ll fix it in the morning.


Looks like “Users” page is broken too.




Google chrome win 7


The Mark All as Read button seems to be broken (IE8 + Win7). The posts stay as unread.


[quote]The Mark All as Read button seems to be broken (IE8 + Win7). The posts stay as unread.

Working now!


the “unread” list on my page hasn’t included any new content, but still shows me the 4 that were there at the point of upgrade.


Unread is no longer working for me. I get no unread messages, but I can find messages that I have not read.

*** after posting this message, I got a 1 unread message indicator, and it was for the unread message I had found. ?


The Unread seems to work if you log out and back in again.
That said, the login form seems to be very sensitive, you have to hit the correct spot on the button on IE8 at least.

Personally I find it frustrating that the forum gets a complete work over this often. At least you should have a testing site where dedicated users can try out the new version before it goes live, but with the same underlying data so all new posts are accessible.

The current approach of some internal testing and then let the users sort out the problems on the live version isnt all that great. >:(


This is the last time you’ll see changes occur in this order. Testing will be done externally going fourth.

I did open IE8 version 8.0.7600.16385 to check on the login form button. Moving my mouse over it revealed it was all a button without any sensitivity. Not sure where the issue is.


Before confirming unread doesn’t work. Please log out and clear your cookies and re-log in. I will monitor things and look for further issues.


Looks much better.

Note you can not make a fresh reply with the cr-48 from google. I am reporting it to them. I can edit the post just fine but can not create a new reply with it.

grumble now i cant modify with it. Hmm ok will post to google. Maybe we can work together to figure out what the issue is.


logout and cookies is the web way of saying “have you rebooted?”.

Cookies and logout have never been an issue before, the behaviour has always been that you read an item and hit back and the read item disappears; that was busted. I now have a much more functioning list so whatever fix was made seems to be a good one, thanks Josh!


The fix dealt with the log in which many people have remembered (cookies) so this was necessary and not just a case of “…is it plugged in?” It appears the list is performing better for us also.


The users page used to be color coded by rank. I liked that. Now it is just white on black. Was that on purpose?