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is there a recommended WebServer out?
Just need one page, showing some parameters.

With best regards



Mr. 9,

Have a look at the wiki and at the code section of this site, I’m sure you’ll find what you need.
And there are also the code samples on YOUR hard drive (documents/micro framework /samples)



You are giving us zero info! We do not even know what device you are using!



I think, its one of the advantages to work on a high abstraction level, so it isn’t important, which device is doing the job ((since there isn’t special hardware involved, like sensor readings …))

But here is the info, als long as I have it.

I currently use EMX, but have to upgrade to ChipWorxx if neccessary.

I run a scientific measurement system, which collects data and should be able to send the results as email. Sometimes it needs some changing in the configuration or one just want to have a quick look to see that everything is ok. Whats easier as to provide a web page?

With best regards


PS: No, it isn’t a weather station …


Ethernet is slightly different between large devices like emx and little one like usbizi. For emx, see the examples provided by Microsoft and keep the book I pointed to handy