Webserver with G120E

Hi all,

I want to create a webserver with two possibilities.

My objectives are to select color ( RGB ) and date and time manually on web server for display on Matrix and Strip…

It’s possible to imagine this with a G120E ? And do examples of webserver exist with this module ?

Thanks All !

@ Chris28495 - Hi,
here is an example for the spider mainboard (gadgeteer)

@ RoSchmi,

Without Gadgeteer, it’s the same processus ?

@ Chris28495 - the G120E is the same processor as on the Spider II Gadgeteer Mainboard. With this processor you can use the Ethernet J11D Module (the Ethernet ENC28 module can be used as well). There are other examples for Webservers with pure NETMF here in the GHI forum and in the examples of the NETMF SDK (at the moment I can not show a link)