WebCam Support List

Does such a thing exist yet? If not, can we make this one sticky? I’m most interested in the higher end Logitech WebCams that support the UVC standard, most specifically the Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910.

It looks like it should work based on this thread.


but a definitive listing would be super great!

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I remembered that I had decommissioned a video camera so I decided to see if I could be it running.

It is a Logitech PRO 9000 camera.

To test the camera, I used the sample program in the Webcam class.

I determined that the camera was UVC compatible and worked with the Webcam class.

I found that there were two formats supported: 120x160 and 144x176. I believe that the camera supports bigger frames, but these may be associated with the four or five USB devices that were signaled but were not of the Webcam type.

I ran my tests on a Cobra.

The frame rates obtained were interesting. For both formats, the peak rates was 15 frames/second. I did not do a lot of testing, but it appears that if the camera is not moved, and the image does not change, the rate went down to about 5 frames a second. Moving the camera cause the rate to increase.

Now is this slow? Given the processor size, I think 15 frames/sec is very good. It would be interesting to see if the rate changes on a ChipWorks processor, or is it camera limited. I will wait for the FEZ Black Mamba to test.

My next task will be to see if I can stream the images over a TCP connection to a PC.[/quote]

Logitech, on their web site, has a listing showing which camera support UVC. Not all their camera are compliant.

Some driverless cameras are listed here : [url][/url]

So standard UVC-driverless cameras should work with the Webcam class ?



I will try the cam ‘LOGITECH C160’ since is listed as UVC device on [url][/url]

should capture at 640x480

camera works / but i only get 2 formats

120 x 160
144 x 176

what about 640 x 480 ?

This was mentioned many times already and should be in documentation as well, USB on current devices is full speed (12mbps) but on your PC it is high speed (480mbps). The max you will get on full speed is 320x240.

Connect a full speed hub to your PC and then you PC will not get more than the formats you have seen on your device.

Ok i thinked on ChipWorkX i have high speed usb port.
Interesting why i dont get the format of 320x240 …

Does the WebCam implementation uses Format Uncompressed or Format MJPEG ?

The Logitech C160 has these Still Image Frames:

Format Uncompressed - Still Image Frame
Img 0 640 x 480
Img 1 160 x 120
Img 2 176 x 144

Format MJPEG - Still Image Frame
Img 0 640 x 480
Img 1 160 x 120
Img 2 176 x 144
Img 3 320 x 240
Img 4 352 x 288
Img 5 640 x 360
Img 6 640 x 400

Is the camera you offer a Trust Exis ?