Webcam on Panda II UsbHost

i connect a Webcam to my Panda II Board successfully.
Now, i would like to Start the Stream from the camera to only Analyse the data and here i went into trouble. I cant understand the USB Video Class to make this happen. My brain is totaly useless for that :slight_smile:
Have anyone a hint for me what to send via setuptransfer ?


This will be supported in next sdk on cobra/emx and chipworkx. Maybe panda in future

I would like to transport this to the present for my Panda :slight_smile:
So i only need startpoint which settings have to be Done to start a stream.


Video needs a lot of processing. You need a direct support in native code. It cannot be done on current SDK or Panda.

And when is the SDK arriving? ;D
No response in other thread :wink:

No set time yet as we are trying to add another feature before it is released.

Alright thank you for the info.
You might want to add this info to the news thread also.
In the news thread there is stated that it would have been released last week.

I guess you will not tell us this new feature? :whistle:

this relax me a little bit :smiley:
I saw so many interfaces and descriptors in the uvc, no chance for me to solve this.
i tried it a long time, but for now i will wait for your solution.
great work, thanks !


Any progress with this for the Panda-II? The recent contest announcement reminded me of a project idea I’ve had for a while… I need to take maybe 10 frames/sec and analyze the colors at only a few spots. I don’t need to play the video back. I’d rather not have to upgrade to a Chipworx/EMX to make this work. Any and all ideas appreciated.

There isn’t enough ram. You can still use a serial camera in panda

Is there an example of this documented somewhere? I don’t see anything on this site. Camera would be just fine. I really only need to examine data from still photos anyway. Is there a recommended camera for the Panda-II?

I just need to take some photo using a webcam from Panda II: is this possible?


Not enough ram on Panda. EMX or ChipworkX

Maybe you could hook up with a camera and let the camera take the pictures and then transfer and process the pictures from mass storage mode. It will require a camera that can be remote controlled and you’ll have to process directly on the stream because of memory constraints.

You could also use a camera with image processing capabilities and just transfer the results. Kinect is such a type of camera.

Webcam direct to Panda?.. Not likely to work.

There are serial cameras that might fit the bill, but ultimately memory is the issue as everyone has pointed out. You could do tricky stuff like buffering small chunks to SD card or external storage, and I am sure you could get it to work but would it meet your goals, who knows.

Thank you.
Buffering to SD can be ok for me, but in fact I think that ask the Panda this goal is too much… :’(