Web site changes

Looks like your in the mood to change the web site.

How about adding a secondary sort on the users/rank of either name or points.

Also on the Community page Forum/Unread put a clear so you don’t have to go to “view all”.

  1. Please make the “Unread” part (which changes most often) the topmost section.
  2. Increase shown "Codeshare"entries to at least 2. One shown entry is a bit too little, I will probably miss some from time to time.

That’s great!! Thanks

Thanks for the feedback. Keep using it and let us know your final thoughts.

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Feels too busy with all the sections on one page. Creations Codeshare and Showcase don’t change a lot, in comparison to other forum activities. What about moving these 3 at very bottom or hiding them completely?

Many users are not as frequent as you an I so these help them see what is new on these sections. If someone just want unread, then there is unread page just for that.

Keep the feedback coming guys but please give it sometime and try for couple days. Change is not easy once you are used to using something for too long :slight_smile:

I understand. I wonder what is the “landing” page for the “none-frequent” users. May be it would make sense to move these sections there.

Played with “F12” in chrome. Definitely like the option where 3 section are not there or at least are at the bottom of the page:

@ Josh - The user sort looks great!