Web services and IP camera with .netmf and mainboard


Very new to the gadgeteer experience and wondering if what we are currently doing can be done using .netmf and a GHI mainboard with modules. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Currently we have an IP camera connected thru a USB to ethernet device to our windows 7 computer, which means we have two ethernet ports. One for public internet with a static IP address and the other being the aforementioned USB to ethernet device. We have a WCF service residing on the windows 7 box that requests the mjpeg frames from the IP camera thru the USB to ethernet adapter. This WCF puts the frame data into a bytearray into a memorystream. We have a silverlight app that requests the bytearray from the WCF service thru the ehternet port with the static IP. The WCF send the bytearray to the silverlight app which reads the bytearray and converts it to a jpeg image to display. We are trying to simplify the software/hardware so we don’t need a full version of windows and an x86 platform to do this. The current code is written in full version of .NET 3.5. The goal is to use gadgeteer to prototype this in an embedded scenario. This is all the device needs to do.

Wondering if anyone has insight whether or not this seems feasible utilizing the latest .netmf framework running on a Fez or perhaps the new GD400 mainboard and what modules may be present to accomplish this.


Why did you use IP camera instead of just USB webcam?

How many frames per second do you need?

Thanks for the reply!

We use both USB and IP cameras. The IP camera provides high level zoom capability and can be controlled to pan tilt and zoom built in where as USB is static and we would need to build our own servo motor PTZ device. We typically provide 15 fps. We have bought a simple servo unit, put the usb on it and controlled it thru arduino. I guess this would work as long as we could control the zoom (I guess digital) from the usb cam.

What resolution do you need?

320 x 240 is fine.

I do not see any problem with EMX or other SoM in handling what you need. Since you are not decoding the images, just passing the data. The only challenge is in having 2 interfaces.

I suggest you call GHI directly to discuss your exact needs

Thanks alot! We will be digging deep into this starting mid next week. I will call.