"Web Service" from the Gadgeteer

I’m wanting to do something similar to a web service but have it be hosted on the Gadgeteer. I have some logic running on the Gadgeteer watching various sensors and doing things under certain conditions, but I also want a web site that can display some of the data. My thinking is to have a full ASP.NET app that pulls the data from the Gadgeteer via a “web service” to display real time sensor data.

So, I’m sure others have done this, and I am curious how you all have done it. It will be connected with an Ethernet module.

*I know I won’t have a true web service, but I am hoping for something somewhat similar in function.

Take your pick…


“Web service” is just a URL that returns some data. Not that different from a static website except that your built the response at runtime. Any particular part of that problem you’re trying to solve?

Another approach to push data to cloud


Step 1 is getting data from the Gadgeteer in real-time. Step 2 will be some limited data going back to issues commands.

I hadn’t though of looking at the sample and I guess I haven’t checked them in a few versions because I see some new ones. I haven’t dug into it yet, but the HelloWorldServer_MF has the right name at least.