Web Browser

Don’t expect to be running full pages but I’ve brought back my old MiniBrowser project for NETMF. You’ll be able to get the basic gist of a page, view images, use cookies and form posts and downloads.

I’m even tying it into the Fonts class so sizes will change based on H1, etc. Everything gets placed into a DOM so it’s possible at some point I’ll throw in a light version of a JS engine too based off the SBASIC work.


@ Skewworks - is this on codeshare or is it something private you are working on?

@ Skewworks - That is really cool. Well done…

can it read a html file from a local SD card?
This might be a good option for a documentation browser. I want to have a “built-in” manual that shows installation pictures and connection diagrams. My customers seem to always lose their manuals. Having a type of context sensitive help that would bring up a particular page in the manual for that particular screen is my goal.

@ skeller - great minds think alike, that’s why I wanted to know if there was a version already on codeshare, but I was just too lazy to search 8)

@ skeller - while very cool, I was not sure how useful is anetmf “web” browser can be but your idea of an html viewer is just fantastic!

@ Gary - When it’s done it will be open sourced. I’ve plenty of annoying little bugs left.

@ Skeller - That’s where it all started and there is still a public method for feeding a file or html string.

@ Gus - Don’t you remember when I first made this? Used it to view this forum on a Cobra 1. :wink:

If anyone is wondering the REAL use for a “web” slash HTML viewer…email.

The layout on that page, just by the way, is done using my version of Microsoft’s Grid control. Once I got used to coding it for WP8 I liked it so much I cloned it.


@ Skewworks - When you are ready to release a beta version let me know.

I’ll be working on it this weekend, so we’ll see if I can have at least the DOM parser shared by then. The control itself is built to rely on Slate (next Clix/Tinkr incarnation) but with the parser you could easily make your own with Glide.Clix or Tinkr.

Just to clarify, since my post did come out vague, email is the reason I’m creating this. I plan to create an email client with full support for HTML and attachments on NETMF for Slate.

I’m about to upload the DOM parser to codeshare. :smiley:

Check out the latest pictures of the browser. I’ve updated the text to automatically fit the screen width, added loading local images, and I’ve even thrown in my PNG decoder library so you can load any image. (I really wouldn’t recommend using for PNGs any bigger than icons unless you like a nice long wait).

I should mention, the squares you see in the text is HaD using single right quotes and I don’t have the character loaded into the font.