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Yes Chris, it’s finally that time.

So everyone, I need some thoughts on Web Apps. Do I go with a script engine that will have stripped down functionality at least to start (ie no file system access, etc) or do we go the way of Flash and download a PE that is run similar to a regular Pyxis app but within the confines of a single screen?

Thought, suggestions, rants?


Flash is dying and writing a script enging will be too slow, so let the client computer do all the work :slight_smile:

Today, web applications use Javascript. You can use a javascript library like prototype, jQuery, etc…

Data to and from the webapplication is exchanged by JSON objects (AJAX).

That’s why I’ve written my WebServer class ( I can host files from a SD-card (like the entire javascript webapplication) and set C# handlers to exchange JSON objects to and from the webapplication by using AJAX calls.


@ Wouter we’re talking about Web Apps on Pyxis. So whatever it is will have to be built from scratch for NETMF. When I said “go the way of Flash” I mean downloading an app into a temp directory to run it; not actually using Flash.


You mean like f.e. a facebook client that runs on Pyxis?


Yes that sort of thing. Eventually I’d like to put a full mini-browser on NETMF but that’s months of work and I’d rather not hold up the production release that long for something most users probably don’t care that much about.


If you’re going to go Flash, punch yourself in the face as hard as you can.

How much resources do we really have to play with? I wonder if it would be possible to try and get Silverlight running A La Mono?


Since you’re programming in a managed language and running of a 72Mhz CPU, I would not write a script engine :slight_smile:

And wouldn’t there be a versioning problem with PE’s?


@ Chris, you’re not following. I wouldn’t USE Flash, I’d make it Flash-LIKE in-so-much as applications would have to download and run.

@ Wouter PEs may eventually run into versioning problems, and fair point on the script engine.

So then, where do we go? Strip Web Apps out completely?


You could create an online Pyxis appstore-like website, but then for free :wink: (I can help you with this)

Then write an ‘installer’ application that lists all apps from the website as a simple list and lets the Pyxis user install or uninstall applications (The app just downloads the app to a webapp directory or removes it from there). This ‘installer’ application should also do version checks.


@ Wouter have you been peeking at the production release version of Pyxis?! Installer & App Store already waiting to go :wink:


Ok, so you already have everything :wink: