Weave a Brillo pad

All the big guns are bringing out their latest IoT ammunition for a shootout like we’ve never seen. Yet another “standard”, albeit from a big, if not the biggest, influence on how the wild IoT west will be won…


Good times are ahead. Very exciting :clap:

@ ransomhall -

All of this standards incorporate more or less the same information’s (Device properties, events etc.). IMHO the winning party will score with high-quality tooling (easy to use, quick to install and start with), high security, cloud/offline (including Big Data) functionalities and a short time to market.

Unfortunately none of the solutions available today has fool-proof tooling or is available with all features on all major platforms (Talking about AllJoyn and similar frameworks). Still too much fiddling involved (like compiling libraries, preparing dev environments for hours and so on).

This will change over time but as for today, I am still a bit pessimistic. As always, the market will take care of that. Just takes a little bit more time.

I think most frameworks are moving in the right direction. But I don’t like that the device and the service is tied together. We had this discussion when the imp launched.

I wonder how Google is planning to monetize this, maybe when one will try to open his/her home automated house lock, they’ll be forced to click on an Ad before being granted access :whistle: or pay for the premium access :wall:

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Nope. Monetization comes through analyzing the huge stream of data that comes from IoT devices, and then selling access to the intelligence gained from it. You (and your data) are the product.

Beyond Google’s interest in the data (and don’t kid yourself, Microsoft has all the same interest in all the same data, just like Apple), is this going to be Weave vs AllJoyn?

Interest, perhaps, but not reliance. Both Microsoft and Apple have many sources of revenue. Google makes money primarily from advertising and the data that allows targeting of said ads.

For those Interested here is good elaboration on this a16z Podcast: For Google, Android is a Tactic and Cloud is a Strategy | Andreessen Horowitz

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… and a fiduciary duty to operate in their shareholder’s best interest, which usually includes best financial interest. But that wasn’t the question, the question was, where does Weave line up with/against AllJoyn?