Wearable screen test

I have an idea for a battery powered wearable so i thought i better try a proof of concept for the screen before i whip it up in Altium before i realise it wont fly…

Needs to run NETMF 4.3
Battery powered (Lipo)
Capacitive touch
And a screen of some sort…

So here’s a Microbe.Net running NETMF 4.3 at 84mhz off a single AAA driving a DFRobot 128x64 OLED module over I2C…

Happy enough with the results so look out Agent here comes iWatch.Net :whistle:


@ Justin:
Looks great!
Could I read the screen if I were out in the sun or is it just designed for England?
What is the battery life?

@ rockybooth - I wouldn’t want to use this one in anything stronger than the the minuscule Lux output from the orange English orb…

But i do have a small fancy Sharp memory LCD on order which will laugh at the San Diego sunshine :slight_smile:

I have some ideas on battery life so it should be ok…

@ Justin - Awesome work! What part is “capacitive touch”?

That is cool.

Did you measure the current drawn ?

@ munderhill - Cap touch is not here, but i have it tested and running on another board…

@ Rajesh - haven’t bothered on this board as the final design will run a single cell Lipo

I have a another board running the same STM, Cap touc, some LED’s and sending data via BLE every second which lasted ~ 3hrs on a single cell 40mah Lipo

The idea on this is to run something like a 110mah lipo with some battery saving strategies so it should last pretty well…


Can you elaborate on the Sharp LCD you were thinking of using. I was looking for one that could be used in the sun as well.

@ khalilm - i have used these with NETMF SLOT365 : Link Daftar Situs Judi Slot Gacor Terbaik, Ribuan Game Online Slot Terbaru

@ rockybooth has seen the results first hand in direct Californian sunshine so he can give feedback…

They have a small one that will work well from smaller projects…

@ khalilm: The Sharp display is sharp in full sunlight! It is monochrome, and refreshes quite quickly. Justin posted a video at

These are available at Mouser PN 852-lS027B7DH01

Thanks guys. I will definitely check that out.

For some reason the embedded video does not work but the link does.