We are staying home today

… But the snow looks great. Too bad it is too cold to go outside and play with the kids.

Looks like your servers are freezing too — I’m experiencing lots of trouble :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity… What is “too cold” for you?

What’s your GHI built weather station say the outside temperature is? :slight_smile:

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Its 9 F but it’s not the cold as much as the snow, they haven’t cleared the subdivision yet so now the kids are running through the house screaming “snow day”!

Good question!! :clap:

What does the FEZ based webcam show?

Really? That’s all? We’re supposed to have a high of 7F today in TN. Not a lot of snow, though.

@ ianlee74 - The high is supposed to be 10 with a low of -11, at least the snow is now just flurries so they should be able to get everything plowed to today.

Looks like all the documents in the support area have disappeared?

You guys really need to move here…

@ jasdev - That just simply was not nice… :wink:

@ Gus -

-15 below Temp
-40 Wind chill here in Chicago

AND my car even started?

Shorts and T-shirt weather here all week and no lift lines.

It’s unseasonably cold here in Dallas. 21°F at noon.

-29C = -20F
with wind chill… feels like
-42C = -43F

I’m going to go outside and try [em]the spit test[/em]: if my spit freezes before it hits the ground, I know it’s time to back inside.

I’ll let ya’ll know. :wink:

@ Jeff -

I guess it is time to play with a couple of sensors’ modules ! :smiley:

Good luck to you…In Paris the weather is very mil for the season…

I sure don’t miss getting up every morning in the winter and clearing the frost and snow from the car.

Just to keep it in perspective, I’ve chosen deg F for you guys!! he he

PS… Same temperature basically all year round.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Yeah, but that humidity is a killer!

I’d gladly swap some cold temperatures for less water, the UK is gradually disappearing under all the rain!