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@ Gus - How to become a insider… Its not clear to me how points relates to rank or status as Senior…


@ andre.m - Thanks


@ RobvanSchelven - I have just checked Sentics. “Tweet A Mattress” is so funny! :smiley:

Is that a Gadgeteer powered solution?


@ Architect - The mattress sensor pad is designed with a G120 as main controller


Awesome! Sign me up for beta :wink:


@ Architect - :slight_smile: although in Dutch… a picture can say more than 1000 words…

I need WiFi RS9110 working 100% smoothly before i can bring the system to the mattress stores


Nice! Here in US I would try to approach a place like Brookstone

They sell cool gadgets like that. Good luck!


You may want to talk to GHI directly about featuring your product as a case study. This should get you a lot of hits :wink:


@ Gus - Thanks, i will discuss this here internally… i will get back to you…


@ andre.m - Done :slight_smile:


@ Architect - Thanks, not sure if they are appropriate cos the system is meant for mattress retailers to help them to select the best bed for their customers… although the system is hi-tech and scientific for a sales person its nothing more than a modern marketing tool with social media integration… that why its called “Tweet a Mattress” :slight_smile:


I figured from the video :slight_smile: Cool idea anyways!


@ RobvanSchelven - Very cool project. What are you using for pressure sensors? I had to translate “slaap”. When my kids act up I sometimes have to apply a “slap” ID to their rear ends :wink:


@ ianlee74 - Thanks, The pressure sensor is a custom sensor.


Very cool. :slight_smile: