WCF data transfer

Hi All,

I have a project where I need to transfer a large ish data set to a .netMF device using a wcf service and I am trying to work out the best, most efficient way to do it.
Essential what I need is to transfer is a dataset, how I do that and in what manor I am still undecided, I was think about turning it into an array csv string or something like that.
Do you guys have any suggestions that I might not have thought off.
The dataset contains a table that describes the contents of the other tables, so I was thinking I could use this to put the data back together again after it is transported.
The key is to make it as efficient as possible in terms of the number of bytes transferred.

Many thanks


JSON maybe…

i do not know the complexity you are talking about, however for my own usages i nearly always use xml for this sort of operations, admittably i dont have large datsets but i just so love xml, it is really suited to self describing data with element attributes. i especially like xdocument with linq queries 4tw, means i can treat a xml stream the same as a datasets for querying and means my data is pretty much universally usable be it web consumption or windows apps. maybe a option for you to consider.

JSON data would allow for easy transport with object orientation and hierarchy intact, however if your concern is purely byte-wise, then CSV structure may be smaller, depending on how the data is structured and processed.

Add to that that JSON is much lighter then XML :wink:

“large-ish dataset” also worries me, will you have enough memory to handle the data at the end of the day? That would be an equal concern to me, not just bytes on a wire…

Thanks for all the replies guys.

I have control over both sides, the end device and the service so although I need to store quite a bit of data on the end device I can break it down in to as many chunks as I need.
I have looked at JSON as I know it is lighter than XML, I might download a few libraries and see how I get on, can anyone recommend any good ones for both sides, full .net and .netmf?

Thanks again and any other idea more than welcome