Way, Way off topic...kids

Last night I had to go to Home Depot to get a copy of a key made, my daughter kept interrupting while I was talking to the associate who was going to make our keys. After a few minutes, I asked to be quiet, she then made a mad face and told me “I will fold you up”, so I started laughing and she got really mad and kept yelling at me that she was serious, “I’m serious daddy, I will fold you up unless you say you are sorry”! :smiley:


@ Gary - what does that even mean? Is that the new “F” word?

@ ianlee74 - I believe it’s something that her older brother taught her and she was trying to say she is going to kick my butt.

@ Gary - I got that. I was just curious if this is some new origami club slang or if daddy had been using “fold” in place of a more crude “f” word. Blame it on the brother, though… :wink: