Way to message moderaters?

I accidentally posted code with my RLP unlock code in it that I need to fix. Who can I contact about this?

Also, while I respect GHI’s right to restrict use of features they provide, it seems silly to have such a code when it’s not a paid feature. Why not simply have RLP.Unlock(“Yes, I agree to the license”) or RLP.Unlock(“0011223344”) (system mac) or something and still have people go through the same agreement? It makes trying to share code kind of a hassle. I even have a big note in the code for me to remove it before sharing, but who always remembers that kind of stuff?

You can overwrite what you uploaded by editing your code. To contact GHI use support@ ghielec.com

As for the unlock code Twitter and Facebook do the same thing. That way abuse can be tracked.

You can find the email addresses @ the master domain - specifically Contact Us – GHI Electronics. But you may get better / faster help here anyhow… Gus or Josh, are either of you watching at the moment?

This is on codeshare- i accidentally left that off. I don’t see how to delete revisions?

Also is there any good way to make it easier to distribute updates without having to make a copy of my source tree, edit out the RLP code and then zip and upload?

I think you can delete your own projects.

I don’t want to delete the project, just the one revision- any idea how to do that?

Delete the project and add it back minus the portion you don’t need there