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WAVI Xtion: Kinect for the PC


It’s seems like Asus as teamed up with PrimeSense, the team behind the Kinect, to create a Kinect-like for PC. It’s going to be wireless.


Looks nice.
I wonder how Microsoft is going to react.


I guess that PrimeSense own some of the technologies used in the Kinect, so they may be free to reuse it in another project. And if WAVI Xtion only run on Windows…


Yes PrimeSense developed the Kinect. Originally it was developed for military applications but they could not find a buyer. Eventually Microsoft licensed it for their XBox.


Funny how something microsoft must be feeling right now… creating a device that really only hackers will care that much about. I want one but $140 bucks… hmmm not what I want to pay.


I have one sitting around just because there was one left when I went Christmas shopping. Still sitting in its box. Maybe I’ll let GHI give it away as a prize or something.


skewworks or you could save a lot of time and just give it to me… :smiley:

You haven’t dreamed of hacking it? It looks so nice.


The Kinect is great. Got one for my kid for Christmas. We have had a great time playing Kinect Adventures and some racing game I forget the name of. I tried Dance Central for about 30 seconds and realized why I don’t every try to dance. :-[


@ jeff_birt Video or it didn’t happen! Put it on youtube.