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Wav on Cobra



I was looking at your awesome example of audio on the FEZ and trying to implement the sample program you’ve shown. When I load the project I get an error saying AnalogOut.Set does not accept 4 parameters.

Am I missing an update perhaps? My cores are version / runtime 4.0.30319. I redownloaded the SDK just in case and I was only given a repair/remove no update. Suggestions?

EDIT: After looking at the proj file in wordpad it looks like you’re using; I can’t seem to find a download for that…is it beta?


Yep, this is in the latest which is not online just yet. It will be online once Joe is done fixing few things in the new WIZnet support.


New version is up with WAV support.


Excellent! The new beta for Pyxis/Netby is underway as well; this will make a fine addition!


Got the sample code running on the cobra w the beta sdk. It’s brilliant! I’ve even got it playing a full 3 minute song playing. Got a bit of a stagger from the buffering but I’m sure I’ll get it sorted.

Great work GHI!


Glad you like it