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Watchdog explanation



I know the main principle of watchdog mecanism but with the Micro Framework, what is it really used for ?

Has anyone any concrete sample to explain by the reality its use ?



Good question…but needs a long answer! I am adding it to the ebook.
Should be online next week


The watchdog is basically used for resolving hardware lock ups. You can set up the watchdog to check for a poll every X milliseconds. If it doesn’t receive a poll in X time, then it assumes the board has locked up and performs a reset.


I hope that the new ebook is going to be ready this week. I ve bought my first FEZ Domino, so I want to start quickly


you could have a look at the “draft” over at (link removed) and see if it has the info you need.


The LAST thing you should do or worry about is watchdog and low power!! Never enable watchdog when you are starting out!


Hi once again,

Do you have an Emulator for Fez Domino? The only think I find its the NETMF emulator
It’s only for security reasons and to be sure before building in real hardware.

Thanks for your help


Is this what you need? :wink:
“I want to try before I buy. Can I use an emulator?”


I believe he would like to have a virtual domino?


No, it’s not that because I have two FEZ Domino now and I ve started to change the program that I used to build for Embedded Master. I think it’s really cool this system, I like it.

Voila , What i need it’s a virtual domino like the Embedded Master. To test my program somewhere before building in the real hardware.

If you don’t have an emulator, maybe it could be a futur project


Maybe the community (you) can contribute and make one for all of us? :slight_smile:


RE: Emulator:

Check this out:

Maybe something could be written to pair this and the NETMF emulator?


I have seen a website which gave info about making your own emulator, but I cannot find it ???


ding ding ding… I remember where I saw that stuff too


I don’t think that blog post goes far enough. I think the idea is to actually have a circuit sim tied to the NETMF emulator, not just have a few fixed devices.


Well some of that might be hard to do - but it gives the basis for extending the emulator when you have “different” things, and could be used to create Fez (GHI) specific peripherals or sensors. And then what you really need to do is to make some of the peripherals have “controls” so you can slide their values while emulating - for instance a (very topical) DS18B20 onewire device you may just slide-adjust the return value so the next read looks hotter/colder. Anyway that’s just my thought.


That was not the post I meant, but it was like that one, lol :smiley:

Anyway… I would suggest just a simple emulator for the FEZ boards. So that new users code a simple program like “blink a led” and they can see how easy this is.

Not some super emulator, a basic emulator for beginners.