Warning : compatibility of shield stacking headers

Hello friends !

I just spent a few bad days troubleshooting weird problems with a new shield I was trying to address from a panda II. Several panda II actualy :wink: and never the same problem.

The trouble is so simple that I really took days to find it, so I thought about sharing with you guys.

So this is my conclusion after 2 days of tests: some shield stacking headers are NOT compatible between them, as bizarre as it sounds. The ones mounted on GHI panda II (at least) work very well with legs having a square or round section. However, those with rectangle/flat section (and the small side is very thin), like adafruit’s headers are not reliable to use. About 30% of the pins were not making a proper contact…

The same headers connected inside the big double long connector at the end of the panda II (D20-D52) are making good contact. However not with the arduino standard hearders on the sides !

I now understand why GHI is using 2 different connectors for its shields, for upside and downside :wink:

@ Nicolas3 Thanks for the heads up! However, I’m not clear on what you recommend… Is there an extra long (single) header that you recommend or are you only recommending that we use separate male & female parts? Can you provide links to the parts you recommend? I’ve been using the Adafruit extra-long headers w/o problems but it sounds like I’ve been lucky.

Right now I would only recommand using those flat legged headers with care. I solved the problem by tinning the legs all the way long. It’s “rounding” them a bit / or maybe making the flat side “less flat”.

I am not sure why I am having the problem. Used too many different shields of my pandas ?
Maybe better find long legs headers with golded square section legs ? I will look for them 8)

It is just a clue to follow if someone encounter some bad contacts with a shield !

Another reason to use gadgeteer :slight_smile:

Hopefully GHI will not give up on the “arduino shield” format ::slight_smile:
I love the little pandas, and beeing “close” to the hardware…

Gadgeteer and the littles FEZes are just two different styles :wink: of assembling bricks !

We are not giving up, but making it better. I said too much again!

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Gus :clap:

Can’t wait to meet the dog with 3 heads !
And built in ethernet :wink: ?

With one “gateway” stacking shield to the gadgeteer world :whistle:

Maybe if we all virtually whistled/clapped/yelled/[random emoticon] at exactly the same time the GusBot would overload and the real Gus would tell all… whaddaya think?

Gus, don’t you dare dropping the shields :naughty: ;D

“Can’t wait to meet the dog with 3 heads !
And built in ethernet ?”

No That’s not what Gus is talking about. It is something else :slight_smile:

Okay Joe

What is the something else? hmm? nudge, nudge… wink, wink… know what I mean, know what I mean…


Let me guess. “Arduino inspired” Fez with tons of gadgeteer sockets on the bottom.

Domino II ? Domino seems to be out of stock right now :wink:

Persoanlly, I will dance the day all these stacking designs go away. When you get more than one board stacked on another you will have problems. It is just a very bad idea and never works out well.

Now that sounds like FEZ Medusa!