Want to use TCP/IP uploads instead of USB

When you are in project settings, the Deployment transport options has TCP/IP as one of the options. How can i upload my code to my Cobra board that way instead of the USB ?

  1. You need to set the network setting in your device (MFDeploy)
  2. Run a small program that changes debugging to TCP. you will still use for this. It is a call in GHI library, probably in configuration.
  3. you will see Debug:TCP on screen, now you will be able to deploy/debug over TCP

Thank you, but is there a document on the actual steps for this ?

I do not think there is. TCP is rarely used for debugging

although maybe what you really want to research is IFU, In Field Updates. That might be what you really are thinking about.


deploy a minimal app with this line in it using usb:

Configuration.DebugInterface.Set(Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.Sockets1, Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.USB1);

press reset on your cobra, and now you are able to deploy over tcp

Thanks EriSan500 (Eric).

Will give that a try.

Sweet! i like that far better than the USB option!
Now i can update it anywhere on my lan.

Now the next big question is, what is out there where i can take the produced compiled file and update my board via the network. So that if the unit is say at a customers location i can send him this Field Utility and the firmware files/s ?

EriSan500 (Eric), you got me thinking how did you know to do that. Where did you get the information to know how to do that ?

Partly from Gus, and from the SDK: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/Library%20Documentation/html/59bf8497-e8bd-2507-bdb7-a9525fe2b545.htm

For that you need to look at IFU (In Field Update): http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/Library%20Documentation/html/53c9fe92-8150-bd36-e2de-bf4fc6f13f8f.htm

Wow, did not know those links existed.
they will clear up allot for me, thank you.

[quote]Wow, did not know those links existed.
they will clear up allot for me, thank you.[/quote]

Everything you need is freely available here Support – GHI Electronics

I have been there many times. Checked out just about everything there, except the GHI Electronics NETMF and Wiznet. GO figure huh.

Well i thank your all for the AWESOME support and patents you all have given me in getting up to speed quickly even though i will admit i should have read much much more before i dove in.

At least now i bought 2 books on .NET MF and things are starting to clear up. The whole Object Orientated Programing was really messing with me.

Did you know that the exact same documentation is also on YOUR pc?
It should be in your start menu under GHI Electronics.

(for reference: “C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK\Assemblies\Documentation\GHI Electronics NETMF Library Documentation.chm” )

That is exactly why this community is so [italic]AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC[/italic]…Speaking for myself here, but I do get in a good mood if I’m able to help someone.

WOW! i did not know that! Thanks.