Want to make Mini a useful device instead of just toy, what do you have in mind?

Ok now that I know we can make some nice toy like robots using Mini, I am looking for ideals on what devices we can actually make out of mini that will be useful beyond toys? like …roomba. It doesn’t need to be a brand new device that no body every developed :slight_smile: I just want to know what we can do with mini to make it a useful device

Thanks, Hai

Environment data logger whit USB data dump interface…maybe also add a GPS and accelerometer :slight_smile:

not pretty useful though. i was thinking something that can be used at home. like bring me a coke or something of that nature :-)…nah…just joking!

How about a robot to drive around to each room of your house to check for fires, or to check on a baby, etc. You could also record a message on it and have it find the recipient of the message and deliver it.

Yes ! Some sort of robot-butler! ;D

Somebody did something just like, although not with the FEZ… See TOBY: [url]http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7025[/url]

Also, Jeff, did you see the email I sent you?

Cool project!

And Chris, I will check it out for you today :wink: