Want to help FEZ?

Want to help FEZ go even further? This is your chance to give back :slight_smile:
I will give you 200 experience points for spending your time on giving us some honest feedback.

We need a quote from you saying how FEZ helped you out. Feel free to say anything you feel may help. Do not be afraid to talk about previous experience you had with other devices and how FEZ completely changed things. You may also mention the name of the device you have used before FEZ. Was it our support, documentation or giving back to the community that compelled you to use FEZ? Whatever the reason, please share it!

Your quote will be featured on the site.

If you decide you want to help FEZ and us. Send an email to Contact Us – GHI Electronics

Include your quoted text, your country, your name, company name and position. If you are not from a company then your name or initials are fine. We also need to know your country, if USA then we need the state. Try to keep the text short.

[title]Do NOT post it here.[/title]
Please send to the email at Contact Us – GHI Electronics
I will lock this post.

This is a perfect example from Greg (is it okay if I use this Greg in the new “why FEZ?” box?)

"I bought 2 Arduinos years ago when it was just getting started, but I never managed to do much more than blink some LEDs in pretty colors with them (and I sunk dozens of hours into getting various data logging/control projects going.

After a week or so with the Cobra, I’ve gotten Internet connected data loggers going with minimal fuss. If this is just the start, I’m really optimistic about finishing some projects that have been in my head for decades."

This is still open, if you haven’t then please send your comments please :slight_smile:

Here is the email
ghielec@ ghielectro…com

My contribution is not online… I wonder why ? :whistle: :-[


Hey Josh, can you re-use the “product image” code and let P and N and X keys work ?

I sent mine but I dont see points? :wink:

I wasn’t expecting points for mine :wink: It was humor, but it has obviously not pleased the staff.
Nevermind, I won’t do it again, that’s all.

[quote]I wasn’t expecting points for mine It was humor, but it has obviously not pleased the staff.
Nevermind, I won’t do it again, that’s all.[/quote]

Actually, we like your sense of humor but we want to get the potential users a view of why everyone here likes FEZ and uses it. A joke or humor doesn’t point out why FEZ is “freakin’ easy” or why FEZ made development easier for you.

We will still love to hear your professional opinion on FEZ since you are one of the very important members of this community.

You’re absolutely right and I wasn’t really expecting a publication or points. It was more something like teasing you :wink:

I will send something when my project will be done. Which is not yet the case because of the factory relocation. I have plenty of things to do here in our new location before I can touch a FEZ board :’(

Thank you

I sent mine aswell, saw it online over the weekend, but I dont see points yet?

Correction - logged in to post this and I see them… :smiley:

So did mine :-), where do you say you see your comments at anyway?

There was a rotating widget on the right side bar that had them posted over the weekend. Not there right now.

It is hidden because we are making changes but will be back soon