Want to add voice control to your next project?

I got an email about this today and Ian posted something in another forum topic about this too.


I’ve backed this.

Like lemmings to the sea … I backed it too.

Hard to go wrong with seeed though. Very interested to see how the array mic performs. Rico Malvar in Microsoft Research Redmond did some of the initial work on this technology for the RoundTable device. Once again though, I don’t think we managed to capitalize on it.

EDIT: FWIW, I backed the “Crazy Early Bird” with the far-field array mic.
This comment:

[quote]The far-field MIC Array allows your ReSpeaker to be able to recognize your location and hear you from across the room even while the music is playing.
makes me wonder what it does WITHOUT the far-field board.


I wonder how many more of the forum members will do the same?

I was tempted to up the backing to 2 units but Seeed will be offering these, albeit at a higher price so I might just wait and try it out first.

Same here, both boards. This is a good price as the Xmos demo board, of which this board uses the Xmos device, is $749 so this board is a bargain and you can do more with it.

I have an Amazon Echo so this should be fun to add to my setup. I am playing around with Echo on my Pi3 just now but need to wait for the wee microphones they specify to arrive before I can do more with it.

I was tempted to buy one… Fortunately, my stack of unused parts & boards not only acts as good decoration these days but also acts as a deterrent to jump on every cool Kickstarter that comes by. Now I try to only buy what I need when I actually need it even if it means I pay a little more. In the end, I’m pretty sure I end up paying a lot less overall.


Hi. My name is Martin. I’m a gadget-oholic.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem, and that you kinda love that problem.


@ mcalsyn - The second step is to feed the addiction.

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Yes, I to admit that I have a problem. Too many boards sitting with no code running on them. Then I stopped and was feeling good about my self control. :wink:

Then the LoRa disease struck and I am back at it again. I just need some more time from my real job so I can do all of these goodies the real justice they deserve.


This reminds me. I may need to put up another big lot of gadgets for sale again soon…

(nothing to add just feel this needs to be said again.)


I told myself “No more KS (agent) projects!!!”


You are now an official backer of ReSpeaker - Add Voice Control Extension To Anything You Like.

If this project is successfully funded, the creator will send you a survey to collect information needed to deliver your reward.[/quote]

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If we could just bottle this addiction, put a cap on it and sell it, we, yes everyone here on GHI, will retire.


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@ Dave McLaughlin - Congratulations on winning the #ReSpeakerHACK Idea Contest. :clap:

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Cheers. I am just setting up a blog for it and will post progress over the next few months. Once I get some spare money in ( :slight_smile: )I will be ordering the 3D printed body parts. I have the motors, motor controller, Pi3 with display etc already.

The blog will be here shortly.