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Waiting is horrible


How come time passes more slowly waiting for your first Fez Domino :frowning:

Yesterday i received my first Arduino, yet im still frequently refreshing the track and trace info on the Domino i ordered from the UK (no distributors in Denmark, and the “must sell arduino as well” requirement prevents me from becoming one) :smiley:

oh and HI , i’m new here :smiley:



Yes, waiting is hard, I know. Had the same. (mine was not on stock, had to wait even longer,haha)

Welcome to the board!:wink:


Received Arduino :confused:

Once you have used FEZ for a bout a week along with Arduino, come back and tell us how much you love FEZ :wink:


@ Chimp,

I don’t doubt you, but as i want to port hardware drivers from Arduino to Fez i thought i would be easier to have a working reference platform…

Fun fact : bought an Arduino Mega and WiFly shield, they do NOT mix well, the SPI pins are not in the same place on the Mega

And again, i only got the Arduino first because i could buy it in Denmark, the Fez i needed to get from the UK , so there :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just messing with you :slight_smile: It is actually fun to see someone try Arduino and then try FEZ!!! They will notice some huge difference in quality (hardware/software) and easiness.

We look forward to see your inventions…maybe also enter the $500 contest.

Do not forget to update your firmware once you receive your FEZ.



it arrived an hour ago, had 1.07 firmwire both before and after firmate update

it’s sitting next to me happily blinking away after my first test program.

I’ve had it for 1 hour and already prefer it over Arduino, testing and debugging is SO much better :smiley:

received some other stuff needed for the 500$ contest, unfortunately it requires me to solder a surface mount IC , and i HATE soldering :frowning:


You can do it. Soldering is fun, you need patience, that’s all :wink:


@ Foekie

thanks for your vote of confidence, i wish i could share your optimism :slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue and i lost mine a loooong time ago :wink:

Do i do like the sparkfun videos show ? solder with generous amounts of solder, and then use soldering wick to remove excess solder ?